How to customize WordPress theme


Please customize the theme for get a beautiful WordPress website :

  • Theme
    • get only theme, delete all the theme non use, like theme fifteen
  • Plugins
    • delete all the plugins include akismet and Hello dolly except few plugins listed below
    • install and activate plugin wp-rocket.me download the wp-rocket  plugin https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxCHOOHCwUIlOW5fTHR1YVJJZVU/view?usp=sharing for configure Wp rocket look at the video  http://docs.wp-rocket.me/article/59-getting-started and the documentation http://docs.wp-rocket.me/
    • install plugin jetpack, activate plugin
    • for jetpack with function Publicize : create facebook page, linkedin page, twitter page, google+, path and Tumblr with the name of the website and add as admin franck.parienti @ gmail.com
  • Users
    • create wordpress admin with email franck.parienti @ gmail.com
  • Settings WordPress


Write useful website title with 60 characters maximum

Write useful website description with 150 characters maximum

write Email address franck.parienti @ gmail.com


Similar Articles, large view, you’ve install jetpack plugin before with jetpack option « related post » active


Email me whenever, uncheck « 


Post Name

  • Appearance
    • change generic text and image from the editor theme like « Replete ecommerce theme » or « Avada theme » by replace by the domain name « boite2.com » and free image use
    • change generic text like « lorem epsilus… » with text according to the domain name
    • change pictures from the editor with their name like the Avada logo for a new picture free use
    • contact page, link on the homepage , BOITE2.com contact @ boite2.com
  • privacy policy page, link on the homepage, from online generator, we prefer not have the exact text
  • terms of use page, link on the homepage, from online generator, we prefer not have the exact text


On the admin access like www.site.com/wp-admin/ change the WordPress logo with a free image

wordpress wp-admin

The goal is to have a customized website for get more trust from our visitors

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