a-What is the reporting

Two points are needed for reporting: content (technical, marketing and financial) and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) depending on the type of site, the work performed, the customer


b-The parameters required for each type of site:

Thus each type of site has its own version of reporting:
For SEO the most influencial part are the positioning of keywords; the traffic; the backlinks; the goal conversion
For SEA (Search Enging Advertising) the most influencial part are the visibility / Traffic; the goal Conversion; the cost / Profitability
For SMO the most influencial part are the size of the community (members, fans, followers …); the volume of social interactions (comments, media consumption, tweets / RT …); the quality of the E-reputation (positive, neutral, negative)

Those are some other examples that shows us how these parameters can change from site to another:
Institutional Sites:
– Visibility: position, printing
– Awareness: Clicks, CTR (click through rate), backlink
– Conversion: Number, rate processing cost

Sites e-commerce:
– Visibility / awareness: position, impressions, Clicks,
– Sales: Number of orders, number of customers, rate changes
– Profitability: average basket ROAS, ROI

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