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2-Statistics Tracking

For statistics, it is important to follow the following lines:
– Measure website traffic, identify pages accessed and searched, origin of visitors, their browser, and referents
– Blog on news and new services.
– Do not forget the « offline » promotion.
– Have knowledge of social-media sites.
– Using Local Business Center for free listing and geo located on Google Maps.
– Create links to sites near yours.
– Use Webmaster Tools
– Use Google Analytics statistics provided

a-statistical tools:

Several tools are available to implement a dashboard monitoring SEO used to monitor and analyze traffic.


– Google analytics

The Google Analytics is one of those tools. This tool allows to have an idea of the keywords that resonate more with visitors, content that attract the most attention from users.

Once the Google Analytics account created, you add this code in the website. For sites created by platforms like Worpress, Blogger or Tumblr, just add the code once in the theme and it spreads in all the pages and articles.

Google Analytics allows you to see:
– Visitors: Information about visitors, geographic location, language, machine and operating system and the frequency of visits
– Trafic sources: external links on the site, keywords that visitors used.
– Content: how visitors enter and leave the site and what content attract them more
– Objectives: Data on desired actions such as download visitors, orders or recording.
– Ecommerce: goods, transactions and revenues of activities


This is another free analysis tool which also provides the same functionality as Google analytics with a few more

b-positioning tools:

  • You can set the position by expression, by search engine at any given date. You can also have the URL positioned Indication (s). You can vary the period of your result from a per day basis to a several months. You can control every options you have in your hand.

c-Webmaster tools:

It is a tool which allows to study the behavior on the search engine side, unlike Google analytics and piwik which are more oriented users,. It allows you to use queries; reduce Duplicate Content; improve your ranking and find and fix errors 404 ….

It includes tools such as Google or Bing Webmaster Webmaster tools.

Some basic KPIs you use to study are:
– Number of visits
– Number and frequence of page views
– Distribution of traffic sources
– Main keywords (brand / off brand?)
– Bounce rate

Those are additional data that can be drawn:
– Geographical origin of the user
– Pages input / output
– Most viewed pages
– Objectives
– Browsers, screen resolutions ….

Other tools are still available for proper monitoring as Xenu, majestic SEO, Open Web Analytics. There is also the various Firefox extension like firebug ….

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