Referencing a website

2-Methodology of submission

a-Manual submissions

This is a simple procedure where you select directories from a long list you already made up. We will developp a lot more about how to choose a good directory later on but now let’s continue on this part. Now you need to edit a text descriptions (single copy for each directory) and fill out the registration form on the index. When it is finished and now you want to publish, you need to choose category when submitting.

Now what you can do are:
– Exchange text and logos
– Creation of links pages

After editing and submitting everything, you can receive email confirmation but the validation or the rejectioncan only be receive after a few months

b-Submissions in directories

As the number of incoming links to the site affects the positioning on Google, it is normal to search for a service like with directories. Also, those links  are durable and of course it can generate few visits.

However, it has some disadvantages: There are only a few good quality of directories and you can wait several months, a year or even no result

c-Selecting a directory

Many criteria on the choice of a good directoriy are shown here. You can decide on:

– Number of  sheets offers per site
– Number of pages indexed on these search engines

Also, you need to have a directory with its own design and Usability. Some criteria can be used like: manual validation, no link back, if the directory is free, or a good parameter which isthe validation time (more or less than 15 days). Unique and long description are required (+ 500 characters) during submitting so many directories offer that service. As we speak of SEO, we can also admit that the number of sites located in one directory and the possiblity of the depth of page links are useful to better influence the choice. Anyway, we need to point the fact that not many are commercials so if you want to buy or promote a commercial product, many directories are not able to give you the satisfaction you desire.

d- Ranking lists and directories  regularly updated

You need to make regular research to find new directories because the list is always evolving. You can also consult directory of directories. For each case you have to search for list of directory and test. There is also the ability to find directories by region & topic. After all researches, you can create a database with personal comments to each found directory

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