Referencing a website

5-Other platforms to perform referencing


A forum is a public space where discussions are open and you can share ideas with other internet users. So from that comes the idea to participate in discussions to leave a link. it is an additional way to increase the number of backlink. What you can do? You can reach interested people directly in the topic and could become a potential visitor.

Eventually, there are some limits with this new techniques which are:
o Certain users & moderators do not like advertise. Even if you come there for advertising, your post may be removed due to some policies or internal principle on the forum.
o The anchor text are not always optimized
o There are some forums that put the attribute « No Follow ». This mean that even if you work hard to put a good link within a good discussion, search engine will not consider the links and will not be added as part of your referencing optimization.

b-sites rankings

Depending on the activity, we search for sites offering the same theme then we made a request for appearance
The advantages are:
o this is free
o It is also valuing
o It can generates traffic
The limits are:
o The anchor are not always optimized
o your site must deserves its place in a ranking


The RSS standard is mainly used for sharing news on the Internet. These flows can usually be read by readers online, but also feed readers. These lines allow readers the aggregation of multiple sources of Internet content in one place.

It gives an effective average  to increase and improve its position in search engines and visitors are always informed about the news on your website


As the name speak for itselfs, it allows communication of sold products, new services, new offerings to customers … The main idea is to inform customers of your services and get them to visit your site

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