Referencing a website


a-Types of links

There are 3 types of link within the web:

– Internal links: linking two pages of the same site
– Backlinks: Links from an external site linking to a page on your website
– Outgoing links: Links from your site and linking to a page from an external site

b- Internal links

These links make navigation easier on the site without the use of menus. Among other things they can increase the number of page views and increase the popularity of the page. Do not forget to optimize the anchor text to allow users to know where they will be sent.

c-Linking: why?

Linking consist of recuperating links pointing to your website within directories, press releases, social networks …. The number of recuperated links influences the popularity of a page and the algorithm of search engines. And the existence of quality links, even a little influences on the positioning on search engines.

d Anchor-link

It should be optimized to give a good link. Also you must avoid using generic text like « click here » or « page » and the use of  « the, a, an,…. ‘. As we saw in the last module, anchor link is one of the key on optimizing the SEO. So every tips listed there must be respected here to be sure of a good result.


Directories are websiteswhere quick and optimized links are ponted to your sites. These links are called hard link. Of course they are available to any type of site and everyone can use it; also structure is more stable over time.

The use of hard links can have a positive influence on the search engines: it favors quality over quantity. Some directories allow referrals on social networks.

However, there are some limitations:
o The choice of a good directory is difficult
o Avalaible link offers points to the home page only
o So it generates only a little visit.

f- Link exchange

This is a technique used to exchange links with another websites.  But you cannot  cooperate with any kind of site, it must be able to increase your popularity. How?
– You need to choose a site treating the same topic as you
– and it must be a serious and well designed one
– Ally with a bad site degrades SEO and gives a bad image of your site users

After the selection, you contact the Webmaster for the partnership and explain the advantages for both parties.

There are also some limitations:
– More of the time, there is no response coming from the website you want to connect to
– Sometimes when your request is accepted, the links given  by your partner are alsoin the wrong location like in the footer, or on partner pages ….
– You can also suspect that there will be no enhancement of the link among other links within this site if it is placed even in a good place, like in a post.

g Buy links

As we saw before, even if it seems to be a good technique to increase your referencing, there are always limitations that can be considered. So there comesthe technique of buying links. Some optimized links can be obtained by paying the site. But it shows a lack of seriousness. In addition, this technique is forbidden by Google because sometimes some themes are often irrelevant.


These are other sites linking to yours because your content is interesting and rich. This accelerates the recognition of target sites and promotes referencing

This technique is used by:
– The non-commercial sites with  rich content and  easy to understand and interesting
– Commercial sites with a publication of an  informative gain that make you want to link or recommend a page

The advantages of this technique are:
– Despite a good result with your referencing, this is a completely free techniques
– It values too much your website as the proposed links pointed to you are not imposed.
– So it can generates more traffics than the others.

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