Module 01: SEO techniques


From this course, you will have the opportunity to better understand and practically know the best ways to validate your SEO. As this course will be more focused on methodology rather than theory, you will have the chance to practice immediately after you have followed the course until the end.

You are already invited to register on the forum where you will find some additional courses and lab (go to: or to reinforce your knowledge. You will also have the chance to be guided by professionals in the field through this forum and can ask all the questions you want.

To do so, just register an account with, add informations about yourself, validate your registration and access fully to the forum pages.

At the end of these modules you will have the opportunity to take examinations that will be validated by Certificates will be given but you will see more details about it in the forum.


This first module will include 4 sub-modules:

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