is looking for freelance for create zenno template for automatization on social networks

Who are we : is an Internet Marketing focus on French market and we own more than 200 websites with informations for our readers.

Our sites and app are on different market like bank, insurance, SEO, travel and we suggest affiliation or we sell our own services.

We own 400 sites and we’re looking for long term relationship with providers

For this work : Look for zennoposter experts for jobs to do you’ll be paid 5$/hour redacteur web femme redactrice redacteur web femme redacteur web femme

Please use the comment box at the bottom for comment with your knowledge on zennoposter ?

How many script have you create ?

What your scripts are doing ?

What’s the result with the script and management done ?

Please answer with your hourly price

If you speak French it’s even better




We’ve several other jobs in english please check on then Emploi and look at  the category job in English



All our job ads for freelancer looking for a mission to do in English are online in the category menu Emploi / Job in English : action to do

Freelancer for App work to do :

BOITE2com job to hire : reskin and publish apps to Apple Store and Google play store

App developer : Job to hire for create and publish apps

Looking for freelance for IT work to do :

Job to hire, we’re looking for an English IT for manage Facebook software

Look for zennoposter experts for jobs to do