Insert products from Affiliate partner like Amazon on WordPress


We’re a Web & App web agency and we’re looking for partner helping us for create and customize Web&App

Our goal as a French Web & App editor is to continue manage with success more than 200 websites and mobile app we own.

We appreciate long term relationship with web agency partners helping us for get better ecommerce for get more sales.

Gig offer : You’ll install woo commerce and customize theme + insert many products from Affiliate partner like Amazon or commission junction for sell products thru affiliate link will install Twenty sixteen theme.


you’ll :

  • install the WordPress theme you want, I don’t want pay extra fee for the theme. I want theme with upgrade.
  • customize the theme for get a pro website
  • change the generic name of the theme like « avada theme » for name of the domain like « »
  • get a pro and beautiful website ready to sell
  • put the phone number +33185094737
  • install seo by yoast
  • email marketing include call to action on the website for ask to subscribe and receive a free guide. pop up after 30 seconds if the reader hasn’t susbscribe to our newsletters asking to get the free guide and integrate to mailchimp list according to the languages. When the reader has subscribed he reads on the website a message translated in both languages example « thanks for write your email adress, you’ll receive a email confirmation for get our newsletter with the free guide ».  And when the reader has subscribed he receive an email in his language for ask him to add to his carnet adress book and he gets by email the free guide in his language.
  • Log with social network account
  • uninstall akismet and hello dolly wordpress plugin
  • install jetpack
  • create an admin account
  • configure wordpress paypal payment with
  • Several languages eventually with polylang or other solutions you suggest  :
    French as first language


Need WordPress with as much products as possible from affiliation partner like Amazon and more affiliate partner for get a website with many products and the customer will buy thru affiliate link. customize wordpress

How to customize WordPress theme

Please customize the theme for :

  • change generic text and image from the editor theme like « Replete ecommerce theme » or « Avada theme » by replace by the domain name « » and free image use
  • contact page, link on the homepage , contact @
  • privacy policy page, link on the homepage, from online generator, we prefer not have the exact text
  • terms of use page, link on the homepage, from online generator, we prefer not have the exact text

The goal is to have a customized website for get more trust from our visitors


I’ll you provide you ftp and admin account on wp-admin to my domain

Please answer the questions for get our webmaster job offer 

  • Which affiliate partner like Amazon or will you integrate products ?
  • How many products will be on the Website, my target is as much as possible ?
  • Which hosting do you suggest ? A mutualized hosting service at 5$/month is ok N
  • How do you you integrate the products from Affiliate partners like Amazon for sell all the products on my WordPress ?
  • What’s your WordPress portfolio ?
  • Which solution you suggest for multi language ?
  • What’s your delay ?
  • What’s the wordpress theme you’ll provide ?


Can you make one website with all the products from Amazon, ebay, aliexpress and eventually Commission Junction ?
Or you can make 1 different for each suppliers ?
Example 1 site with all the amazon products with the theme and licence you furnish from
+ 1 website with all the ebay products
+ 1 website with all the products from aliexpress
+ 1 websites with all the products from Commission Junction

Can you show me example of websites you’ve done like this gig ?



Dollar-symbol-symbole-sign BOITE2.Com

Price : 5$ for all the work : furnish and customize WordPress theme integrate affiliate products

boite2.Com job-offer

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