From one directory find suppliers and send email to suppliers and create online offer + send email to the customer request


You’re a Webmaster ?

You’ve knowledge with WordPress ?

Our need is to get request from customers on a website with :

  • Reference of electronic product
  • Quantity
  • Delay

Then your solution will check if this reference is available on the website create on WordPress/woocommerce

If the reference is not on our product’s website, automatically :

  • log in on brokerforum marketplace
  • paste the reference and clic search
  • the marketplace can suggest several suppliers
  • clic on the suppliers form
  • on the suppliers form, appear the email
  • send the email to the suppliers
  • the suppliers fill a form online with price and delay
  • the reference will be add on woocommerce’s product with final price and suppliers info if we get the order
  • the offer will be created online with one or more reference asked by the customers



Price 100$ job-offer

for more details please write a comment below

All our job offers in the category job in English : Action to do

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