We’re a Web & App Agency looks for partner for get better ecommerce website with WordPress and Woocommerce

The goal is to have sales and enquiries from electronic parts customers
We’ve 3 excel file and we’d like you integrate products in an existing Woocommerce ?


I’ve several columns and some columns may be integrated for internal use like stock warehouse.




Please add the products by manufacturer and the customer can select by customer with the best suggestions you suggest like create a category for each manufacturer and integrate the products and check the right manufacturer category

Please integrate the best way for a good user experience and also optimize for Google. So please integrate products with title and description

1st example : the reference product is xxx and the manufacturer is yyy so please create product with title « xxx : Reference product _ xxx : Manufacturer «

2nd example : the reference product is CHG-2020-J01010-KEP and the manufacturer is 3M so please create the title « CHG-2020-J01010-KEP : Reference product _ 3M : Manufacturer » The page created is :

Job offer : Integrate excel file products in Woocommerce

Job offer price : 50$

Urgent delay : Monday 22nd February 2016

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Please answer the questions for get our webmaster job offer 

What’s your knowledge on integrate csv/excel file in Woocommerce ?