sourire dents blanches dentiste

You’re an scrap expert and ask for a job ?

We need you to get email list from french yellow pages

Your goal get all the company info from pagesjaunes .fr include

  • Company
  • Phone
  • Street
  • Zip code
  • City

Get the all the companies data even if some companies don’t provide

  • Email
  • Siret company n°
  • NAF company n°
  • Website

Your goal is get the company data with phone even if no email adress

We can suggest you a

  1. chrome extension
  2. automation tool like winautomation or zennoposter
  3. VPN, after 200 results, yellow pages can block you IP

Scrape emails for 50$

achat en ligne

Job offer : Get email from french yellow pages


Please write in the comment below your experience, the cost and result you will get.

For confidential questions, you can send us an email to recrutement.boite2 @ but we prefer to write comments on these page for share with everybody

Get all the data on yellow pages of French companies, around 3 millions companies with details

speed recrutement

You may ask us who are we ? is a French Web Agency located in France and in Madagascar check our contact in English

How we’ll work together : You provide services to

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