emailing marketing manage more than 200 websites and we’re selling Web & App service include :

  • Web Creation
  • Web Marketing
  • App Creation
  • App Marketing
  • Leads

For our websites, we’re looking for a partner for increase our emailing database for get orders with email marketing.

Do you have knowledge with Email Marketing ?

Do you want to get money working from your home or office by helping us getting more emails from our readers and send them email marketing for get more sales ?

What are your knowledge and results with email Marketing ? job offer join our team

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We’re looking for partner for email marketing

You can  help me continue on email marketing, what are you suggestion for create sequence emails with mailchimp like :

1st step email subscription from readers for free ebook subscribed by the reader

2nd step suggest pro training course for 7€ subscribed by the reader

3rd step suggest special training and video course for 97€ subscribed by the reader

4th step suggest pro training +  other video courses + consulting for 297€ subscribed by the reader



All our job offers in the category job in English : Action to do

Please write your message and offer below in the comment. Planning and Budget

Job budget : 50$



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Check all our job offers in these category job in English : action to do 

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