Please answer to the 2 questions only and please do not write your presentation or generic copy/paste for your offer. We want to get your offer with your answer for order you and earn time.

You edit video for create amazing videos on youtube getting like, comment and subscriptions ?

We’re a digital agency in Madagascar and we need to increase our subscribers with tutorial video in French like :

  • Comment avoir un suivi personnalisé avec le cockpit digital
  • Comment faire des vignettes personnalisées pour Youtube
  • Comment faire des vidéos avec son téléphone
  • Comment avoir plus de vues sur Youtube en 2017
  • Snapchat astuces et secrets en 2017
  • Comment faire une vidéo de vacances en 2017
  • Comment faire un gif
  • Comment développer son business sur le Web
  • Comment réussir avec une app
  • Comment gagnez de l’argent avec un tunnel de vente

We need a partner for edit and post production our videos

We’re recording tutorial video and you edit them for get lots of results


When you answer the questions I can order you, but if you write a generic intro : I remove your offer.

We’ve many video recording of 2 to 5 minutes,

we need :

  • youtube complete video with text of the title at the beginning and call to action at the end for like, comment and share
  • facebook short video of 1 minute for suggest to see the complete video on youtube

Our goal is to work for hundreds of video we’re recording and you edit for get many subscribers, like, comment and share on youtube and facebook

Use the comments below for write your answers

Please answer to the 2 questions :

  1. 1st question : what the links for see your work
  2. 2nd question : what’s your price for start with 1 youtube complete video and 1 facebook short video

The goal is to do :

youtube video like youtube .com/watch?v=LokwDpM1wnc

facebook short video like facebook .com/SunnyLenarduzzi/videos/1206947982681740/

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