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Are you and expert for find email and phone from facebook graph search.

We want lead contact with mail and eventually phone number.

You’re using Facebook graph search for seek contact living in « France » and  interested about « equitation »


the price is with mail alt facebook .com + personal mail like alt gmail .com + phone number for 5.000 contacts : 60$

the price is with mail alt facebook .com + personal mail like alt gmail .com for 5.000 contacts : 30$

the first order for test is 5.000 contacts then many other bigger orders

If you can do it, please answer clearly :

how you do it example for be sure you’re expert for find leads ?

what’s your price with or without phone number ?

How can you get email and phone number from this list ?

Suggestion :

You scrape public information and get around 15% with phone number and email like gmail and not facebook mail alt

You have a tool for seek these contacts on linkedin, add them as friend and get their contacts

How can you do it, 2 suggestions :

First suggestion :
Combining import.iowith these two

Second suggestion  :

the goal is to get all the data of all the magazines on issuu .com with
Data extraction with automatized tools like
import .io
like on minutes 22 of these video


Can you furnish :

1/ the tool for get email and phone from Facebook Graph search

2/ you furnish us email and phone


Please write clearly if you’ve done this work, what’s the results and the costs

boite2 formation



2/ gig

I buy « Contact database » with mail and more info.

Not only mail.

I prefer French language but ok for English or else

Please read the request and answer to the questions at the bottom or I delete.

The goal is to send specific mail to the niche target because you furnish more data on the contacts with many contact information like :
* mail
* phone number
* first name
* last name
* job
* company
* adress
* country
* language

Please answer to these questions :
* source of the file ?
* mail verified by which mail checker service ?
* when the mail was checked for no bounce ?
* how many contacts ?
* your price ?
* Can you furnish an example of your file ?

Thanks for answering these questions

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