You’re a WordPress expert ?

You’ve create real estate wordpress site ?We’re looking for real estate website with disruptive services like :

  • MLS, Multiple Listing Service, from USA realtor even if we’re not realtor
  • Show properties from data and automatic update, example MLS from USA and other countries with update
  • Millions of properties to sell around the world with automatic update
  • Buyer write his home buying request like price, nb of beds, location
  • Buyer write their needs and you send by e mail new offers from site and

You can create the wordpress with one or all these disruptive service. You can also suggest a disruptive real estate service you’ve already created.

Please show us example of your real estate wordpress portfolio

On the site we need a e mail list builder on the top of the home page a fill to form with an e mail for offer our real estate ebook. For get e mail list new subscribers direct on our mailchimp account

We need this site for a real estate broker in France. If the site is in French it’s better.

The wordpress site is already create with theme by default, you’ll install if need a free wordpress theme and free plugins


the price is 5$ per site

You start by the first real estate site to customize, if your work get great results, you’ll customize other wordpress sites customize wordpress own 150 wordpress sites and we’d like to customize several real estate websites

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