hire Jarvee expert for manage social networks accounts

Do you have knowledge for insert linkedin profile on Jarvee ?

You’ll get access to a VPS with Jarvee and accounts we get

You have to clic on « verify » Linkedin will send verification code on the mail, You have google sheets with linkedin accounts, email, pw, email recovery, pw for email recovery

2nd step

Can you manage my jarvee accounts for get leads include leads of real estate sellers in Paris ?

I’ve 2 VPS with 150 accounts :

the 1st VPS is setup and need to check daily, you can work with it in a second time

You can 1st start with the 2nd VPS for get leads of real estate sellers in Paris mainly and after in France and repost content to each main cities to IG, Linkedin accounts and Facebook accounts

You can add 50 Linkedin accounts and 50 FAcebook accounts because on the 2nd server there’s only 50 IG accounts for repost on 50 main parts of France

And also get Linkedin connection and follow up message for get leads

Can you manage my 2 VPS with jarvee licence of 150 accounts each for get results include leads of real estate sellers in France I use repost tool for get content for 1 french city and repost to destination list include : IG, FB page, FB group and Linkedin

Are you a jarvee expert ?

What are your results ?

How many followers increase can you get ?

What’s your engagement ratio ?

How many leads can you get / month ?

Do you manage jarvee for customers ?

You manage jarvee for yourself for sell accounts or for ?

Who we are

Boite2.com, BusinessDigital group, is a digital marketing agency located in France and Madagascar

with 3 goals :

1/ sell our online training

2/ sell leads to French and English partners

3/ manage Digital Marketing for brand in different niche like fashion, travel, wedding dress

We own :

  • 100 Instagram accounts
  • 1.000 google accounts
  • 200 linkedin accounts
  • 100 Facebook accounts
  • 80 websites
  • 80 Facebook Pages
  • 50 Facebook groupes

We use Jarvee and 30 private proxies from buyproxies

We use Jarvee repost tools for send to campaign and the content is send to the destination list include :

  • Instagram
  • Facebook profile
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook group
  • Linkedin
  • And sometimes, twitter, linkedin page and linkedin group

We buy accounts on pvacorner or buyaccs

For captcha, we use 2captcha

For sms verification, we use getsmscode

2 VPS of 150 social accounts each

Total 300 social accounts

Start to work together

  • You can manage on our 1 VPS with jarvee licence of 150 accounts but only 50 new IG for the moment who repost to 20 Paris parts of the city + 30 other french cities
  • then manage the 2nd VPS with 150 accounts who’s running very well

Our goal

Get leads of seller who need to estimate and sell their apartment in Paris or eventualy in France

Our Jarvee use

Use instagram Repost to Campaign for keyword per city to repost on IG and on Facebook

For post good content to each 20 parts of Paris like Paris1, Paris2 to Paris20 and main city in French

For get followers and sometimes post real estate offer

You charge

You get a results of 4500 new followers minimum per 1 instagram,

After you can manage 300 social accounts

Engagement ratio : 2

Your actions

  • Post daily
  • follow / unfollow
  • like
  • comment
  • story view

Please fill the comment form if you’re interested with your answers for :

  • Your rates ?
  • Your current average monthly grow ?
  • Your accounts you currently manage ?

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