You get many users without using affiliate old way, we manage your App’s communication and you get many users downloading your app using your app 3 times minimum

CPI Cost Per Installation est la dépense total divisé par le nombre d'installations d'applications mobile

You’ve a new dating app and you want users area located downloading and using your app 3 times minimum ?

CPI Cost Per Installation

You need 2 things :

  1. Create your brand and get your app be famous
  2. Get customers downloading and using your app.

It’ll be much easier to get app download by create your brand first.

For create your brand, you need to have content marketing for 3 main reasons :

  1. explain your target what you’re app’s benefits
  2. show search engines like Google content marketing for have a good SEO
  3. pay less on Google adwords quality score with Adrank, Google Adwords quality ad rank, for bring your customers to landing page with high quality content




The solution, will create high quality communication post on several websites

The target is to not ask the users to clic on the affiliate link and get an investment to for get the results on all the download.

You can work with affiliate and pay them the price need or we can also manage the affiliate, partners, influencer with social network high audience.

redacteur web - redaction-web-blogging-redacteur-web

We’ll create your brand and the users will see your  communication by 7 ways :

  1. SEA, Search Engine Advertising
  2. SMO, Social Media Optimization Our social networks on Twitter, Facebook
  3. SEO, Search Engine Optimization
  4. ASO, App Store Optimization
  5. Partnership
  6. Banner Investissement Media
  7. Analytics service



The user will see many informations on several devices by many ways and can get your app by many ways like go directly on Apple app store and don’t use an affiliate link. For be sure to , download your app and use it 3 times minimum for be count for targ




Our actions details

1/ SEA, Search Engine Advertising, Google Adwords and also Facebook and Twitter Marketing

From Google suggested keywords

Cost Per Click is 1,97€ + service

Service :

It’s important to manage daily Adwords for stop IP clicking on ads but don’t become customers and get 30% more return

Google Ad rank Management for pay less Adwords Cost Per Clic

Keyword Currency Avg. monthly searches Competition Suggested bid
dating site EUR 12100 0,97 3,67
best dating sites EUR 18100 0,96 3,68
dating websites EUR 74000 0,97 4,87
dating sites EUR 165000 0,98 5,79



2/ SMO, Social Media Optimization Our social networks on Twitter, Facebook

We’ll create and manage your social accounts. On the first, We’ll not use bots and do safe actions by great posts and interactions for get amazing and sure results on social networks

facebook bouton like



3/ SEO, Search Engine Optimization + Website that we control

We’ve to use my existing travel + fashion websites and create other website for get visitors. I’ll publish thousands of

Cost Per Click 0,50€ service include

postes pour le SEO

postes pour le SEO

4/ ASO, App Store Optimization

We’ll advice your app team for describe your app on App store and Google play by analyse your app and customers need

ASO app-store-optimization-aso


5/ Partnership

We’ve to get a brand and traffic for exclusive partnership with for example GQ

Cost per Click is free + service




6/ Banner Investissement Media 

Cost Per Click 0,71€ + service

Service :

Find and analyze the best Investment Media seo

7/Analytics service

Integration, analyze, conversion rate, report and evolution : 30€/hour


Passer a Universal Analytics


We’ve 11 ways total to increase your business with your app

Application mobile, 11 moyens de réussir avec votre app Iphone iOS et Google Android infographie


Use the 7 ways to get customers and analyze conversion rate like the main dating brand.

Adwords is more expensive and I know how to manage banner on high quality App/site for get top conversion rate

The main point is to create a brand and bring trust to woman.


Google Analytics Premium report hourly the best way to get customers and we own the analytics data.


Your need :

We’ll need from you organize event, press conference, invite top models and manage the brand.

presse tampon rouge



  1. Use my websites and create new website that we control for publish information and increase the brand
  2. Create high quality content
  3. Start the 7 ways
  4. Analytics the conversion rate

assistante amoureuse dating assistant


sites-de-rencontres_en france

Example App dating Cost per subscription

Example on the French market for Adopteunmec For The Dating business in France, Adopteunmec  cost is 20,28€/ per paid subscription

les chiffrés clés du mobile en France pour les applications de rencontre

formation gratuite

Acquisition cost on the dating business is more and more expensive. Match Group is looking for investor before Nasdaq cotation for get money for invest on Internet Marketing and get even more subscribers to dating site and app with brands like

  • Tinder
  • Meetic
  • Plentyoffish
  • more than 40 dating sites

Dating affiliation looks for traffic and pay 5€/CPL + 8% CPA : Total estimate 40€/client and offer 50€ for start

affiliation rencontre


Meetic affiliation offer up to 8€/free subscription

Adopteunmec affiliation 3€/ free subscription + 20% total subscription

Affiliation Match group include Tinder, Ok cupid, How about we suggest up to 8€/free subscription


If affiliate partner get customers we will pay them.

You want 25.000 customers using 3 times minimum your app : You invest 50.000 $ and want you get,without using old ways affiliate links, your results 25.000 customers, you invest again for 25.000 customers.