Madagascar unemployment is very high, lot’s of young people are looking for a job.

The goal is a Silicon Valley in Madagascar like in Bangalore, India because we miss a huge numbers of developers :


For create jobs in Madagascar, we need 2 solutions :

IT Course : Yes, Free Training offered by 3.000 students follow video course for create web&app

Electricity : Not yet, we need a partner. Because Madagascar’s electricity network is comprised of 114 power stations. Jirama, which uses diesel to produce 60 percent of its power. Only 15 percent of Madagascar has access to electricity, and islanders often make do with just a few hours of power each day, source Check electricity Price in Madagascar Tarif de l’électricité à Madagascar

Electricity Price by Jirama, Malagassy energy operator

jirama tarif electricité Silicon Valley Madagascar. Formation certifiante et statut zone franche need developers for create Web and Apps  We’re lauching a free web & app training starting by video course for help companies and hire talented human ressources.

résultat Silicon Valley Madagascar. Formation certifiante et statut zone franche

Create IT jobs on the Silicon Valley Madagascar

madagascar drapeau

Our training course in French are in the category Formation

We’ve also free course in English in the category Training in English

Find more info in the category Silicon Valley Madagascar

banderole devant le louvre, antananarivo Madagascar

Check BOITE2.Com Youtube video in French


We’re in touch with United Nations, UNDP

Madagascar Prime Minister and many Ministers are ok for create all togethers the Silicon Valley in Madagascar : Silicon Valley à Madagascar, formation certifiante dans les métiers du Web & App pour inciter les entreprises à s’implanter avec le statut zone Franche à Madagascar

Madagascar Primature, Prime Minister Office, suggest International Companies to hire staff trained by

The next step is to suggest main International companies to rent space and pay electricity in Madagascar,

These companies ‘ll hire IT developers trained.

  • Webhelp, 3rd main company for outsource customer relationship and call center has open an office in Madagascar
  • SFR, French Mobile Operator, is opening an office for hire 1.000 persons in Madagascar

If you’re a real estate investor or a electricity company, let’s invest for rent after open space for call center and office. University is a Non Profit School for teach Web & App to young in Madagascar for Free


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