Audit and optimization of a site

To be on the page 1 of google, that is the dream for all web site. To be able to reach that goal, you need to optimize every inch of your website to match the search engine criteria, which allows you to be on the top  result. The main purpose of this course is to show you how things work within your site and how you can improve and optimize it. Before starting, let’s talk about SEO or Search Engine Optimization which is the technique used to boost the visibility of the webwite on the search engine result.

Objectives of the audit and optimization


– Audit: This is a control activity consisting of an evaluation by a competent and impartial agent and a judgment on the organization, procedure, or operation of any entity. We have:
– Internal Audit
– External audit
(C) Wikipedia

– Optimize : To give (something, a machine, a business) optimal performance by creating the most favorable conditions or in making the best possible.
(C) Larousse

b-Audit and SEO optimization:

Audit is an important step to do before any SEO process. It influences on the success or failure of your work. The scopes of intervention are:
– Identification of key stakeholders and meeting technical and marketing site
– Identification and evaluation of technical barriers and levers existing site
– Explanation and correction of identified barriers (technical guidelines)

Optimization consists of:
– Diagnose referencing of a website.
– Know the positionning of a site using appropriate tools and suggest improvements.
– Evaluation and technical optimization of source codes and scripts.
– Semantic and marketing evaluation and adaptation of the visible contents of the site (texts, images, videos, …).


c-steps of the audit:

The ultimate goal of SEO is to redefine the positioning of the site by:
– analyzing the relevance of expressions and traffic (visits, page views, distribution of origins, bounce rate)
– calculating site visibility in search engines for a range of keywords (where you need marketing knowledge)
– Knowledge of business activity such as:
•    Objectives
•    Target
•    Competitors
•    products and services
– Internal and external factors:
•    Analysis of strengths
•    Analysis of weak points

  • Positioning of the competition
  • Recommendations for improvement
    •    Improving the brakes from technical parameters
    •    Exploiting operation strengths to improve the goal achievement
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