Our goal is to show online many interesting apps on my Apple Store and Google Play store for get app development orders from my French customers.

These apps can be apps you’ve already created and you reskin and integrate to our Apple and Play store like all kind of apps.

The goal is you provide several apps for a low budget, we want to show apps examples to our customers and then get come back to you with customer’s orders. 

BOITE2.com création app

Need generic reskin apps and also these kins of apps  :

2/ When you create these amazing app, after we’re looking for these clone app

You furnish app source code, reskin your code source, upload and get the app on my Google and Apple app store.

I don’t need big changes only change for the apps are accepted by Google Play Store and Itunes connect Apple Store. 

What’s your price for :  

* get the source code before and after reskin

* custom and reskin them  

* upload them to my Apple/ Google app Store.   

* get the approval from the stores that all the app is on my store

Can you show example of your clone apps ?

creation Iphone ou Android

BOITE2.Com has created and sell hundred of websites and web marketing services to French customers with work from consultant, we offer now app services to the French market and still looking for freelance for app services.

We’re a Web Marketing company selling apps and websites to the French Market.

We’re looking for partner helping us with consulting services for :

create apps

reskin and publish apps

change app code source

We’re looking for consultant with knowledge on :

  • Xamarin
  • Phonegap
  • Objective-C
  • Xcode
  • Swift

We’re pleased to work from many years with freelance from :

  • France
  • Madagascar
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • USA
  • China


Jobs and gigs to hire : App developer for get iOS and Android applications on Apple Store and Google Play store.

I buy lots of gigs and I would be please to work with you.  

My goal is to show online many interesting apps on my Apple Store and Google Play store for get app development orders from my French customers.

I’m not focused on a special kind of application, I’m looking for top apps for get many download and high rating on the app stores.

How many and what kind of apps and apps game on Google Play and Apple Store can you provide app source code and reskin them for you upload and you get the verification the apps are available to my Google and Apple Store ?

What’s your price for :  

* all the apps and game 

* get the source code before

* get the source code after reskin

* custom and reskin them  

* upload them to my Apple and Google App Store.   

* get the approval from Apple and Google App Store that all the apps are available on my store

* get the gig finished when all the apps are available on my Apple and Google App Store.   

I’ll give you an access to my developer Google and Apple Store.   

I don’t need big changes only change for the apps are accepted by Google Play Store and Itunes connect Apple Store

Hope work with you.  

app-store-google-playWe’re looking for app developer for other gig : job to hire : reskin and publish apps to Apple Store and Google play store

Please fill the form or send me an email to boite2com01 @ gmail dot com

Feel free to do the best you can and take decision what’s the best for earn time, example for designs feel free to use free copyright designs you need. I appreciate work with partners for get results efficiently. 

Since 15 years we’re working with partners creating a portfolio of 400 websites for sell web developmentto French customers. 

Now, our customers need app. So we need an App portfolio. Our spécifications are app for Apple iOS and Google Android. We prefer app with social functions and not game. 

When you’ll be selected as Partner for work together, please get solutions for the app si working. 


You’ll :

* replace icons and images assets. 

* put our admob campaign, a few ads it’s ok for get lot’s of users happy. 

Banner : ca-app-pub-6231216403297793/4301475266

Interstitial : ca-app-pub-6231216403297793/2685141267

* no extra work except the design assets but if you check some bugs fix them, the goal is to get the app approved by Google + Apple and the users appreciate the app. 

* Please find design copyright free

* you’ll get an access to the stores for submit the apps include put images and description you think it’s the best. 

* we’ll contact you after for pay your support and develop new version if need.

* fix the crashes and bugs for get app success. 



Please understand, we’re focus on quality and the goal is to have a perfect app on Apple and Google store appreciate by users.

When the app is on our store and have great results we’ll please to continue work with you

The average price for we get the app on our Apple and Google store is 90$

For iOs and Android application, you’re paid total 90$

Dollar-symbol-symbole-sign BOITE2.Compaypal BOITE2.com

All our job ads for freelancer looking for a mission to do in English are online in the category menu Emploi / Job in English : action to do

End of the job description, please find below how work on other job needs

When you finish the jobs, you’ll get more jobs available online;

Freelancer for App work to do :

1/ iOS and android app for restaurant : 

create app for restaurant on Apple iOS and Google Play 


2/ convert wordpress and wordpress with woo commerce plugin to native iOS and Android


3/ Create app iOS and Android for real shop


4/ Clone app, you get source code on app seller theme like themeforest or flippa or else

then you reskin the app source code

and you publish the app on our iOS itunesconnect and Google play store



5/ Reskin and publish apps with iOS, Android and Unity source code we’ll furnish you 


6/ We furnish you source code for Arsène | iOS & Android eCommerce Mobile App http://codecanyon.net/item/arsne-ios-android-ecommerce-mobile-app/11156378 and you’ll create a ecommerce iOS Play app with a ecommerce site like http://liquideecig.fr/app plusieurs fiches produits avec des images

What’s your price ?réunion pack visibilité services financiers BOITE2.com

Looking for freelance for IT work to do :

Job to hire, we’re looking for an English IT for manage Facebook software

Look for zennoposter experts for jobs to do


Answers to questions :

Questions : I just wanted to know if you have any current requirement where I might be of any help.

BOITE2.com’s Answer : There’s no current requirement, we’re looking for partner creating our app needs. Please write on the comments your proposal, some others companies can contact you directly if they’re interested by your offer, fir the current requirement you can create the app the way you prefer :

Xamarin_app developer


  • Cordova
  • Phonegap
  • Xamarin
  • Xcode
  • Swift
  • Java
  • Android SDK
  • Eclipse
  • Appcelerator Titanium
  • Unity for 3D games
  • Coco2D-x for 2D games

2nd questions : Is the app like is ok ?

https://itunes.apple.com/US/app/id992896290?mt=8 Fb connect is not regular with a specific window login. Can you fix a regular facebook connect The android link is : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.provenlogic.crushmatic


https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/talkon/id843732585?mt=8 Can you furnish without the user has to pay 2,99 $ ? What’s the android link ?


https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/selfy-send/id841203881?mt=8 What’s the android link ?

  • pack visibilité services financiers BOITE2.com

for your questions, we prefer you write on the comments below for share the information online, Thanks